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Help poor children fight their way out of poverty by donating for their education.

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We connect Nonprofits, Donors, and Companies in Nearly every country around.

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Donate for a cause as only you can do it and help those in urgent need.

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Please donate to help survivors of emergencies like earth quack, tsunami, floods and more

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The Aid Charity Campaigns

The Aid - An international charity that provides help to people who are victims of natural disasters or conflict or suffering from poverty, hunger, disease, illiteracy, discrimination, homelessness, debt, unemployment, injustice, deprivation or lack of skills and economic opportunities.

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The Children’s Campaign

The Children’s Campaign

The Children’s Campaign

Currently Running AID Campaigns

food campaign

$118151572 / $4254890 (2776.84%)

foodbank for poor

$6859 / $382000 (1.8%)

Women Empowerment

$22 / $6500 (0.34%)

The Children’s Campaign

$20156074 / $1200020 (1679.64%)

kids care

$1500317 / $300020 (500.07%)

Orphans & Widows

$2610875 / $98769896 (2.64%)

Childhood Care and Education

$10195 / $1934000 (0.53%)

Child labour

$136588362 / $1087000 (12565.63%)

Help ill patients get access to medical care

$18096027 / $57702 (31361.18%)

Educate a poor rural child in need

$55 / $88050 (0.06%)

Help an abuse victim fight for justice

$25121 / $455000 (5.52%)

Lucky AID Donator

Micheal Dpe

Congratulations ! We feel proud to announce that you are the lucky donator to get the award of $3200 amount according to the draw event dated (26/03/2020). Thank You for showing your voluntary support and compassion through your donations for our causes. Because of your generosity, lives will be saved and the world will become a better place to live.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.


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