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How It works

“The Aid” is established for supporting the under-privileged and unprivileged sections of the society by running several campaigns in the areas of education, healthcare, rural development, etc. We embrace our responsibility of creating a positive impact in the communities in which we live and work in a significant manner. We mainly work for providing humanitarian aid in the conflict zones, disaster areas through fund raising campaigns. The funds that are obtained through the campaigns are used for the treatment of victims of natural calamities such as floods, starvation, landslides, etc.

If you want to get involved in the proactive development process, sustainable change in the society, and want to support our running campaigns you can voluntarily make donations that will help in the upliftment of poor and needy people around the globe. We run various campaigns such as Childhood Care and Education, Child Labour, Educating a poor rural child in need, providing medical care to patients, and many more.

You can make donations with and without creating an account on “The-Aid”. Donations can be made in two ways i.e. one time donations and recurring donations, where recurring donations are based on daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. However, you need to select the amount you want to donate and the currency type. You can also specify the purpose of your donations.

Moreover, if you want to run a campaign for any noble cause you are required to create an account by providing your email id and password. Along with this, you are also required to provide some other necessary details such as phone number, name, address, country, state, city, and pin code. You can make your donations visible to other people or can also make it private. Once you have created an account, “The Aid” provides privileges to update your profile whenever required. You can start your campaign by specifying the campaign requested amount for women help, medical care, helping children, food for poor, education, etc by providing campaign details such as campaign title, last date, along with the bank details. “The Aid” also assists volunteers to manage their donations as well as campaigns from their account dashboard. From “My campaigns” you can view the status of your pending and running campaigns.

However, if you start your campaign on “The-Aid” and once it is successfully over, you have to pay a small amount from your campaigns as a campaign admin fees to the admin of “The Aid”.

“The Aid” also provides monetary rewards to the lucky donators by organizing a draw event. So, don’t hesitate for making donations and show your generosity towards such noble cause.